Exterior of medieval buildings in old town

The Mariacka Street, perpendicular to St. Mary’s Church in Gdansk.


The 7 Places In Gdańsk That Are 700% Worth Your Visit!


If you truly appreciate the European architecture style, you will absolutely adore the fascinating Gdańsk Old Town. But even if you are convinced that nothing will surprise you anymore, you`re going to fall in love with these streets anyways!


  Pristine and charming German and Scandinavian building style dominates, throwing us back to the city’s long and tumultuous history of ethnic and cultural interweavings. Most Poles will confidently insist, that Gdańsk Old Town is by far the most outstanding and gorgeous area in the whole Poland and surely one of the best places to visit in Europe. Despite the general attractive look of this rather big area, the more attention you pay to the smallest architectural details, the more clearly you feel like a part of that amazing era, which to this day is preserved and maintained in the wonderful streets of Gdańsk Old Town!



 100cznia , Popiełuszki 5

Otwarcie 100czni. Nowa przestrzeń imprezowo-kulturalna w Gdańsku



Just an evening photo that conveys a relaxed atmosphere at 100cznia.


The 100cznia (pronounced as Stotchnia) is a cultural project that transfers the places we know from large European cities, directly to Gdansk. Cargo containers from the Gdansk Shipyard helped to create an ecosystem that attracts travelers to a combination of artistic disorder, power of cultural events, flawless quality food and a casual, friendly atmosphere that makes every guest feel satisfied. There are hundreds of reasons to drop by for a coffee, lunch, drink, family picnic, walk, bike trip, spontaneous meeting, romantic dance with your loved one and lots of other occasions you will never regret going for! 

Tattoo yourself, do designer shopping, commune with art, watch a movie on the 100 years old wall… It seems, we can keep on forever. Come on, the Stotchnia awaits!



Gdański Bazar Natury, Słowackiego 19!



Gheck out the freshness coming from this photo!


Gdański Bazar Natury (The Natural Market of Gdańsk) is a famous local market which has made his name by bringing only super-high quality products straight from polish farmers to the customers. If you feel like making a salad, trying out that new baked salmon recipe you recently discovered, or simply treat your family with a delicious creamy mushroom soup, Gdański Bazar Natury has much to offer. Fresh meat, natural vegetables, fragrant seasonings… The magical smell of different food will already make you feel hungry. The local sellers offer delicious jams, cakes and many other desserts prepared in accordance with fabulous Polish tradition. The perfect place to reach the culinary nirvana! 

For the matter of fact, the Bazar Natury of Gdańsk only operates on Thursday and Saturday, so you`d better plan your schedule, because there are probably not so few people who want to visit this miraculous spot 😉



Spożywczy Food & Drinks, Dolna 2 street

Фото в Инстаграме 

A picture from the @spozywczyfooddrinks Instagram.




The lower downtown in Gdańsk, called “Dolne miasto” is a dynamic, fast-developing district, especially blooming with the recent city renovations. 

Make sure to stop by for a lunch at “Spożywczy Food & Drinks” – an unusual environmental-friendly restaurant on Dolna 2 street. They specialise exactly in traditional polish cuisine with a modern twist. Their menu is mostly based on seasonal products and they only buy from local, well-known and trusted suppliers.

The name of the restaurant “Spożywczy”, in English has the meaning of a “grocery store”. An interesting fact: in the exact place of the restaurant, back in the days before democracy,  there was an actual grocery store, the line to which sometimes reached several blocks in lenght! Times have changed a bit, so do not miss the opportunity to have a good time here, since it has become much easier and enjoyable 🙂


Elephant Club, Długi Targ 41/42


    “The most important detail of the restaurant’s exterior is, basically, its entrance.” – some wise restaurant designer. 




An absolute benchmark among all the clubs in Gdansk, the Elephant Club has been pleasing its dear guests for almost 16 years! First-class professional service, chefs` reverent attitude to their dishes, the opportunity to enjoy the view of the main architectural gem of the city – Długi Targ Street in warm weather, and have a great time inside, enjoying the exquisite interior of the restaurant, made in the style of 20th century music – beautiful vintage photos of various icons of the last age – from Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley to Sting and even famous Polish musicians. Feel that special atmosphere?

In the Elephant Club, music is not only contained on pictures – every week, and sometimes even more often, musicians become guests of honor, performing exclusively real, live music! The main genre is, of course, the beloved Jazz, but since there are a lot of performers who want to present their music in this club, you can actually hear all sorts of other genres. In short, visit the club yourself, take your friends and family with you, and have your own, unique and unforgettable experience at the Elephant Club!




Jägspot, Świętego Ducha 14


Jägspot Gdańsk


Become the full-fledged Jägermeister beverage expert – exclusively at Jägspot.




Officially first in the world, Jägermeister only cocktail and shot bar is located here in Gdansk. Do we have to say more? Simply a treasure of a place! The famous german liquer and the mighty deer kind of style can be spotted on every single piece of design, all the cocktails served here are actually built on the unusual liquir of Jägermeister. Only for the true connoisseurs of delicious booze. 

A personal recommendation from – the Ice Cold Shot. -18°C hidden in a drink!



Cooltura, Okopowa 7

Cooltura Chmielna 101 Gdansk • Official Info [2022 February Update]
         Just a happy crowd of party people enjoy their time in a friendly atmosphere!

       We’re joking. Everything is much more crazy. Come, charge yourself with positive energy!



Quirky, grungey, and unique.
They have bus seats for chairs, restrooms covered in graffitti and baby dolls hanging from the ceiling. The place is totally out of its mind!

 Generally very good DJs. This specific place is reportedly great for artsy people in their twenties or anyone who simply likes to party.

Rest assured, you can never know what the real night life in Gdansk is before you visit the Cooltura on Okopowa 7 street! 



The last, but not the least – Ulica Elektryków, Elektryków 1

Ulica Elektryków i 100cznia to fenomen. Relaks i życie nocne na stoczni

     A wonderful moment caught on camera during a summer night, but it`s as bright as day!


Located in the heart of Gdańsk Shipyard,  this unique space for some reason works as a powerful magnet for people from all across the world, so you definitely must go there to unravel the mystery of why.

Trip tip: going there at night feels like a whole different experience! 🙂


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