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7 Hipster Locations in Gdańsk

Have a good Gdańsk!

Hipster Places To Visit In Gdansk Poland:

Instagram spot in Old town Gdansk , Poland

If you love bricks, you’ll adore Gdańsk Old Town. Pristine and lovely German and Scandinavian architecture style dominates, harkening back to the city’s long and tumultuous history of ethnic and cultural crossovers. One would argue Gdansk Old Town is the most beautiful in all of Poland and one of the best cities to visit in Europe. Still a bit of a hidden gem, most of the tourists (of which there are many) are mostly Polish with the occasional flock of camera wielding pensioners from the Far East. Picturesque and filled with culture, one is never far from beauty here.

1. 100cznia, Popiełuszki 5

Photo: facebook/100cznia

It’s a perfect place if you want to see the legendary shipyard in a new version. You can chill, meet with friends, enjoy a couple of beers or drinks, listen to music played by DJs or even dance. It’s an open-air club with different bars, a small beach and places to simply hang out. It’s in walking distance from the Old Town. If you take SKM you need to go to the Gdańsk Stocznia station.

Fabulous conglomerate of converted shipping containers right near the train stop Gdańsk Stocznia. The view of the working ship yard is captivating on its own and then as you come down the train steps, go straight across the gravel. Awesome music, lots of food and drink options. Seating is laid back with some at the top of the containers with great views. 

2. Gdański Bazar Natury, Słowackiego 19

Gdański Bazar Natury is conveniently located market with products straight from local farmers. Fresh fish, meat and vegetables are just the beginning. The local sellers offer delicious jams, cakes and traditional preserves prepared in accordance with Polish tradition. The perfect place to get to know regional traditions and flavors!

Bazar Natury Market operates on Thursday and Saturday and is located in one of the new cool and hipster areas called „Garnizon”. Apart from the regular market, they organise special themed events where you can find art, enviroment friendly beauty products and local craftmanship.

3. Spożywczy Food & Drinks, Dolna street

The lower downtown in Gdańsk, called „Dolne miasto” is a thriving hipster district, especially blooming with recent city renovations. You should definetaly check out some of the newly opened cool restaurants and cafes when you take in the sights of this very old part of Gdańsk Old Town.

Make sure to stop by for lunch at „Spożywczy Food & Drinks” – an actively managed eco frendly restaurant on Dolna 2 street. They specialise in traditional polish cuisine with a modern twist. Their menu is based on seasonal products and they only buy from local suppliers.

The name of the restaurant „Spozywczy” directly translates to ‘grocery store’ and the location is the exact same as was the communist store. When your there, just try to imagine empty shelfs and long lines in front of the shops with people clinging to there little tickets for bread or milk. Times have changed in Gdańsk so its definately worh to check out!

4. Elephant Club, Długi Targ 41/42

If you want to dodge old world kitsch and settle into something a tad more upbeat, why not go and say hello to the Elephant on Dlugi Targ? They’ve built a reputation for being one of the top spots in the city, and they’ll serve you up delectable European dishes in a stylish modern atmosphere.

A final perk is the music – jazz fans will be delighted to discover that there are regular concerts, and in summer you can sit out in the garden and sip a cocktail. Worth a try!

5. Jägspot, Świętego Ducha 14

First in world, Jägermeister only cocktail and shot bar. Do we need to say more ? Truly extra ordinary place where the german liquer and the mighty deer can be seen on every piece of deccor and in every drink. One of a kind atmosphere and a fantastic selection of music are all you need to start your nightlife expierience in Gdańsk. Best served in a shot of Jägermeister at -18°C!

6. Cooltura, Okopowa 7

Quirky, grungey, and unique.
They have car/bus seats for chairs, bathrooms covered in graffitti and we are sure they had baby dolls hanging from the ceiling, as a plus generally very good dj’s.
Great for artsy people in their twenties or anyone who just likes to party. 

7. Ulica Elektryków, Elektryków 1

Electricians Street is located in the heart of Gdańsk Shipyard where in 1980 “Solidarity” movement was born giving a chance to young generation for their creation of artistic activities. This unique space works as powerful magnet for people.


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